Word on the Street

“Michelle has helped Youth and Adults, guiding and motivating them in school and work,  a general support with life challenges and someone of a confidan”

“Ms Mckoy possess a certain gift and a level of comfort that attracts everyone to her, whether it was to seek advice or just a listening ear.”

”Seeing her work with DV survivors, to restore hope. Her commitment is remarkable. She is a proven warrior and a champion”


Ms. Mckoy’s most valuable characteristic is her kindness.  She utilizes her assets in a non-judgmental way to create a comfortable space so that youth are able to relax and open up so that their needs and desires become known.

“I am continually impressed that Michelle is able to develop relationships with children and youth (and adults!) that sustain and produce results”

“The beauty of Michelle’s grace and scope is that she is well-abled to assist and guide individuals with the traditional teen issues as well as the very serious and complicated things today’s youth may experience”


Meet Tea

Tea is one of the many youth that I have had the honor of coaching, listen to her story.


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